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Caravan Cannaball Run for Vets 2015

Our veterans deserve some good news and the Weed For Warriors Project are coordinating a cross-country education campaign to raise awareness of a bright hope for military veterans facing ongoing medical challenges. Many veterans report experiencing relief from natural cannabis medicine to address various issues, relief that surpasses the current approach forced upon the Veterans’ Health Administration in states without medical cannabis laws. Substituting cannabis also avoids the dangerous side effects common to pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is a safe, effective medical option that is growing in mainstream acceptance nearly everywhere but at the federal government bureaucracy level.​

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the eminent biochemist who discovered THC and our internal cannabinoid system, agrees that "therapeutic cannabis provides a significant improvement in quality of life, both for those suffering from PTSD and for their family and friends." And the good news doesn't stop there: While whole cannabis alone is very effective for symptomatic relief, Dr. Mechoulam notes it could even be enhanced to the level of PTSD cure by a new type of FAAH inhibitor, a substance that prevents cannabinoid molecules from being split apart. These agents act together to help with memory extinction, a normal brain function, so that former triggers no longer cause traumatic responses. Unshackled, the patient's quality of life is free to soar!

Party with a purpose

Join us as we shine a well-deserved spotlight on our military men and women in need. The Cannaball Run for Vets 2015 will depart Los Angeles on October 17th, bound for our nation's capital. Along the way we will be stopping in Las Vegas; Salt Lake City; Denver; Phoenix; Nashville; Spring Hope, North Carolina; Charlottesville​, Virginia; and Philadelphia. Events planned at the various stops include 5K boxers-and-boots runs, powerful speaking events, networking receptions, a hemp factory tour, and a premiere film screening about life-changing cannabis research.​​

Veterans will share their stories of successfully transitioning back to civilian life through cannabis therapy. They will be joined by other veterans and military families throughout the tour. Speakers will discuss the cannabis movement and how it relates to veterans' issues such PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury) and other trauma. We will hear from medical practitioners, scientific researchers, legal minds, advocates and educators. The general public is also encouraged to come out to these events, learn about veterans coping with pain and trauma, and then go home and make positive change happen at their state and federal government level by promoting commonsense legal reforms. Receptions will be held in the evening after each event. The WFWP is collaborating with, Patients Out of Time, the American Cannabis Nurses Association, and others to make this tour an inspirational success!

For more information on the tour, please visit the Weed For Warriors Facebook event page. Thank you for your support, for raising your voices, and for taking action to protect and defend our nation’s defenders.

We hope to see you in D.C., this fall!
Los Angeles, CA
  • 4.20-mile run/walk/roll
  • Sponsored by 420 Games
  • Reception: ROC Santa Monica
Las Vegas
  • Charity reception for Weed for Warriors in the Cosmopolitan Penthouse (10/19)
Salt Lake City
  • Paragliding with Billy Purden
  • Skydiving with Tony Murray ​of MB Australia Flight Crew (both events 10/21)​
Buy Tickets Denver, CO
  • Infused cook-off, live on SiriusXM 42.0
  • PTSD survivors speak about cannabis
  • Featured speaker: Robert Hoban, Esq.
Phoenix, AZ
  • March from state capitol building to:
  • Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo
  • Aerial flyover; paraglider rides for vets
CannaBallRun | My new trip on!
Nashville, TN
  • Boxers & Boots 5K in Centennial Park
  • Musical performance by Greta Gaines
  • Guest speakers on veterans’ health affairs
Spring Hope, NC
  • Tour of Hemp, Inc.'s processing facility
  • Nation's largest hemp-processing plant
  • Hemp's vital economic role revealed
Watch Now Charlottesville, VA
  • 2015 Virginia Film Festival (11.8): "The Scientist"
  • Celebrated cannabis physician/activist
  • Patients speak on success with cannabis
Washington, D.C.
  • Vets meet at VA Headquarters
  • March down Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Pill bottle display at White House gates

Pulling out all the stops to
stop all the pills

Many civilian doctors are discovering that their patients can do without some or all of their toxic, addictive medications for pain and trauma if they have access to cannabis. Yet, every day, veterans living in states that are still missing the "canna-bus” are denied full, equal access to the federal health care system designed specifically for them. They cannot have a doctor’s prescription for cannabis medicine filled, though they can easily obtain addictive opiates like oxycontin and hydrocodone. And due to the gag order placed on the VA, veterans and their doctors in these states are precluded from even discussing cannabis therapy.

Our veterans deserve better!

After all, they sacrificed for us so we can be free to live our lives; the least we can do is show them compassion and support their equal access to a natural medicine they need, so they can be free to live theirs! ALL our military men and women who need it have earned the right to the relief this medication brings. The law is changing across the land. The time to act is NOW!

Organizers will also be collecting empty pill bottles at each stop from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., where they will deliver the bottles to the White House on Veterans' Day, November 11th. Vets who cannot make the trip are encouraged to send empty prescription bottles to: Takoma Wellness Center, 6925 Blair Road NW, Washington, D.C. 20012

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If you believe our suffering military veterans deserve the safe, natural medicine that many doctors now recommend instead of the standard toxic cocktail of pills, here's your chance to do something about it. Visit and pledge your support NOW for veterans in need of effective, non-toxic cannabis therapy. The America's Veterans Demand Change crowdfunding campaign lets you join with the Weed for Warriors Project,, and many others on our nationwide tour to spread the good news to the VA about medical cannabis, and make the Cannaball Run an inspirational success!

Please visit and take action TODAY—for a "Change"!

Sign the Veterans direct petition to President Obama.

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